As providers who have worked in multiple mental health settings including crisis stabilization inpatient facilities, we recognize the need for solid, successful resources. Just like you, we all desire for our clients to receive what they need. You can be confident in our program because we have the research to prove it.


The National Center for Suicide Survivors incorporates the Swiss-based Attempted Suicide Short Intervention Program (ASSIP), which has shown an 80% reduction in suicide during the most vulnerable 24-months after a suicide attempt in a randomized controlled study (Gysin-Maillart, Schwab, Soravia, Megert, & Michel, 2016). Anja Gysin-Maillart and Konrad Michel, the ASSIP founders and trainers, reported continued and consistent success of approximately 80% reduction of suicide in Bern, Switzerland (personal communication, June 25, 2019). 


Currently, we are the only organization in the world offering our program virtually and only one of two programs offering ASSIP in-person in the United States due to the newness of the protocol. Detailed protocol.


CONFIRM client


  • Your client is approximately 15 years old or older and not actively using. Younger clients can participate in the program if they are capable of reasoning, planning, problem-solving, thinking abstractly, comprehending complex ideas, and able to learn from experience. 

  • Your client recently attempted suicide, defined by self-harm where the client was not sure they would survive. 

  • Your client is NOT in a mental health crisis, experiencing psychosis, or cognitively impaired. 

  • Your client is currently engaged in mental health treatment with a licensed mental health therapist and/or a psychiatrist. Our program is focused on their suicide action as a way to prevent future attempts. 




Licensed Mental Health Therapists, Psychologists, or Psychiatrists

  • You can refer your client directly to The National Center for Suicide Survivors.

  • To refer your client, complete the following three documents in the referral packet and email ( or fax to 833-879-7547. Click on Referral Packet to receive an email with the forms.

    1. Release of Information (ROI)

    2. Referral Form

    3. Practitioner Consent Form

  • Your continued and regular mental health care is crucial for your client's success plan. Our program is an adjunct program to treatment as usual.




Primary Care Physician, Inpatient Facilities, Crisis Stabilization Facilities, or Emergency Department

  • Use this Referral Form to suggest to your patient’s licensed mental health provider that you believe they should consider the program offered by The National Center for Suicide Survivors.



  • The National Center for Suicide Survivors focuses on the suicide attempt action as a way to eliminate future attempts and save their life. We do not treat depression, anxiety, substance use, OCD, etc. even though these are risk factors for suicidal behaviors. 

  • The client's most successful outcome includes participating in our program while continuing mental health care and psychiatric care as usual. Your role in treating their mental disorder(s) is vital to their quality of life. 

  • A copy of the client's safety plan created during our program will be sent to you, the provider, as a way to use during their continued treatment.

  • Even though The National Center for Suicide Survivors concentrates on the suicidal event, as their provider please continue to ask often about their suicidality. 

  • If you would benefit from additional support or training please contact us at  

Why doesn't the National center for suicide survivors act as the Primary MEntal HEalth Therapist?

  • The National Center for Suicide Survivors focuses on the suicide attempt action as a way to eliminate future attempts and save their life. To this end, we are acting as a specialist to the primary mental health provider. This can be likened to how a primary care provider sends their patient to see a specialist for cardiac issues. 

  • Since the National Center for Suicide Survivors is the only center in the United States offering this particular treatment in an outpatient setting, we need to partner with our suicide survivor's primary mental health team to meet the staggering demands of attempted suicide across the nation. 





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